Stand with Pinal County Jail Detainees! Demand that ICE End Detention Contract!

 On Monday, June 9th,  over 150 people held at the Pinal County Jail (PCJ) in Florence, AZ, issued a public letter documenting the deplorable conditions and calling on ICE to end the contract with the jail. 

In a public letter available here, the men cite inhumane jail conditions such as verbal and physical  abuse, poor medical attention, low-quality food, insufficient legal library selection, limitations in practicing religion, recreation areas that are only indoors without any access to sunlight, unsanitary uniforms, and outrageously high prices for commissary and phone calls.

70 of the men also began a hunger strike, which lasted for 3 days, despite harassment from guards.  As of Wednesday, June 11th, the men suspended their hunger strike, as ICE has committed to review their demands. They need our support to make sure that their demands are heard and that PCJ's contract is not renewed. 

The men detained there give a vote of no-confidence to PCJ and demand that ICE terminate its contract, which is up for renewal in late July. The people detained at the jail also expect ICE not to increase bed space elsewhere. In support of these brave whistle blowers, please call for the termination of the ICE contract with PCJ, an end to the deportations, and the release of all ICE-PCJ detainees.

Sign the petition to support the Pinal County Jail Detainees and Demand that ICE end the contract!