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No Papers No Fear Riders Deserve Relief No Deportation!


10 Undocumented No Papers No Fear Riders risked everything this afternoon by doing civil disobedience at the Democratic National Convention in order to expose the injustice of police/ICE collaboration and call on the President to decide his legacy and use executive authority to provide relief from deportation

Julio Sanchez, Rosi Carrasco, Ireri Unzueta Carrasco, Gloria Esteva, Kitzia Esteva, Eleazar Castellanos, Gerardo Torres, Martin Unzueta, Yovani Diaz and Mari Cruz Jimenez were arrested sitting in the street with a banner that read "No Papers No Fear" at the entranceto the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina. Today undocumented people and their supporters stood up to say that we will no longer wait for change, they will make it happen themselves.

All of the arrestees are undocumented. Ranging in age, not all qualify for the deferred action program that went into effect this month but all deserve the same relief. Sign the petition to tell ICE to use its discretion and not pursue any deportation proceedings against people arrested for defending their civil rights.

Call ICE at (202) 732-3000 and tell them not to pursue deportation proceedings against the arrestees.

Tell ICE: No Papers No Fear Community Leaders Deserve Relief Not Deportation


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