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Thank Sergio Romo for his "I Just Look Illegal" T-Shirt at the Giants' Victory Parade

We're sending Sergio Romo a thank-you card and you can add your name to it.

During the San Francisco Giants victory parade, the star pitcher took a stand for immigrants and against profiling by wearing a "I just look illegal" t-shirt. He could've worn anything at all that day but he chose to make a statement. It's important we show him it's appreciated.

Across the country we're pushing to move policies away from discrimination and toward inclusion. Romo's stand helps bring that message to a much bigger audience.

Tell Sergio you're with him.


Thank You Sergio


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2146 5.1 years ago Andres Palomo
2145 5.4 years ago noelia herrera
2144 5.4 years ago Jeremy Sell
2143 5.4 years ago Ernest Holland
2142 5.4 years ago Wilson Heredia
2141 5.4 years ago Ashley Burciaga
2140 5.4 years ago Debra Shore
2139 5.4 years ago Sara Longsmith
2138 5.4 years ago Alyssa Fountain
2137 5.4 years ago Ronald Muhammad
2136 5.4 years ago Sean McLaughlin
2135 5.4 years ago lorena santisteban
2134 5.4 years ago lorena santisteban
2133 5.5 years ago Mark Mancini
2132 5.5 years ago David Hernandez
2131 5.5 years ago Jazmin Farfan
2130 5.5 years ago Vato Loco
2129 5.5 years ago Rodolfo Cruz Gutierrez II Coachella California
2128 5.5 years ago Megan Beaman
2127 5.5 years ago Sarah Zambrano
2126 5.5 years ago Lorena orozco
2125 5.5 years ago Lucero Aguiniga
2124 5.5 years ago Jose Velazquez
2123 5.5 years ago Jose Velazquez
2122 5.5 years ago Alam Curup
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