Defend Chicago Against ICE Raids

UPDATE: Adolfo Release, Others Signed Voluntary Orders

Thank you for being ready to take action on behalf of Chicago day laborers and against raids. The petition is now closed. We were able to get one worker out but most others had already signed voluntary orders of deportation. It shows there's much more work to do to stop raids and to educate our community how to defend our rights. Groups in Chicago are launching a training series to do that education. Visit to stay informed.


In recent weeks, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided a Chicago neighborhood at the place where day laborers look for work. Nearly a dozen workers were arrested by ICE and several still remain in detention.

Mayor Emmanuel has declared Chicago a "Welcoming City" to immigrants and the President has said he's committed to immigration reform. So why are ICE agents rolling into Chicago parks and shopping centers and grabbing day laborers as they look to work to provide for their families?.

Please sign the petition to immediately close the cases against the raided day laborers and see to the release of those still in detention.

Chicago day laborers belong with their loved ones during the holidays not in detention or worrying about being deported.




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