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Thank Sergio Romo for his "I Just Look Illegal" T-Shirt at the Giants' Victory Parade

We're sending Sergio Romo a thank-you card and you can add your name to it.

During the San Francisco Giants victory parade, the star pitcher took a stand for immigrants and against profiling by wearing a "I just look illegal" t-shirt. He could've worn anything at all that day but he chose to make a statement. It's important we show him it's appreciated.

Across the country we're pushing to move policies away from discrimination and toward inclusion. Romo's stand helps bring that message to a much bigger audience.

Tell Sergio you're with him.


Thank You Sergio


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1946 5 years ago Sofia Owen
1945 5 years ago FAMILIA RENTERIA
1944 5 years ago Andrew Terranova
1943 5 years ago Angelica Rivera
1942 5 years ago Joel Ochoa
1941 5 years ago Anastasia Elizondo
1940 5 years ago Ruby Duarte
1939 5 years ago Sandy McMullan
1938 5 years ago Patrick Dunphy
1937 5 years ago Elaine Yates
1936 5 years ago Debora Whitehouse
1935 5 years ago allana anderson
1934 5 years ago Abigail Amaya
1933 5 years ago Jessica Jimenez
1932 5 years ago Jessica Jimenez
1931 5 years ago Michael Mitchell
1930 5 years ago Lynn Cordova
1929 5 years ago Jenilee Mendoza
1928 5 years ago Rob Love
1927 5 years ago Andrea Garen
1926 5 years ago Tamar Diana Wilson
1925 5 years ago Nicolas Murphy
1924 5 years ago Marylia Kelley
1923 5 years ago Dorotea de Arco Fox
1922 5 years ago jorge arroyo
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